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Nicole Carrier- Queen of Wien at Lady Sausage


Lady Sausage™ is a producer of swanky meats and smile-inducing garb for anyone who loves bad puns and sophomoric humor as much as they love good eats.

Carrie Dahlgren - head chef at Throwback Brewery and for Lady Sausage

Seasoned With Sass

our Mission

It’s been a tough year for most, so we are on a mission to spread smiles - one link of sausage and one piece of merchandise at a time. We believe that finding humor in even the most mundane can help keep the world’s wieners at bay. Humor can heal. Laughter can reduce stress. And a good chuckle can brighten any mood.

Our Backstory

In the summer of 2014, our Queen of Wien (Nicole Carrier) took a break from the brewery she co-founded (Throwback Brewery) to attend “sausage camp” at a college in upper state VT. There she fell in love with the art of charcuterie, and spent the next 6 years refining her craft and recipes alongside Throwback’s Head Chef Carrie Dahlgren. In fact, the two of them came up with the name Lady Sausage one day while recovering from all the stress and hard work of opening the restaurant. The name made them belly laugh for days. And, it still makes them smile years later!

Our Dream

Our dream is to help people shine. We want Lady Sausage to put a little bounce in your step or a swagger in your walk when you are wearing one of our shirts. To make you feel confident enough to share a knowing smirk or a flirty wink with a complete stranger, or to totally slay with a fearless, snarky comeback at those who are behaving at their wurst. We want Lady Sausage to bring a twinkle to your eye when you present our meats to a friend and ask ‘have you ever eaten Lady Sausage before?’. 

Our Meats

After making and selling thousands and thousands of pounds of sausage to happy customers dining at Throwback Brewery, we decided to package up the best of our recipes and make them available for folks to bring home! 

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