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I'm A Brat - Beer Bratwurst

I'm A Brat - Beer Bratwurst


Our fresh bratwurst is made with Throwback Brewery's Hank's Pale Ale and a mix of spices, including ground ginger, pepper, and caraway seeds. This is a mild flavored sausage where the pork plays the starring role. You typically get 3 plump & juicy brat links in a ~1 lb package.


While there are many way to cook a brat, we like to bake them in a 350 degree oven for around 22-25 minutes - or until firm to the touch.  When done, the brats will still have a touch of pink to them, so don't cook based upon color- cook based upon feel!


Since these brats are really a classic style, you can't go wrong eating them in a classic way - on a  toasted roll with kraut and/or peppers and onions. If you want to jazz it up a bit, add some curry powder to ketchup to turn the brats into currywurst! Or, use these brats as the star of nachos, mac & cheese, or chili.


Available at Throwback Brewery!

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