Maple Bacon Patties

Maple Bacon Patties


This has become one of our customers' favorite sausages! I guess it shouldn't be too surprising,  as it's hard to go wrong with a recipe that includes plenty of bacon, real maple syrup, freshly grated ginger, fresh sage, fresh parsley, and our Mexican Chocolate Porter!

The  Maple Bacon Patties come frozen, with four 3.5oz patties in a package. To cook, first unthaw the patties (overnight in the refrigerator should do it), then bake in a 350 degree oven for ~15 minutes or until cooked through. You *could* cook the patties in a pan, but, given that there is a fair amount of maple syrup in the patties, we find that it caramelizes too fast on the stovetop, and cooking in the oven will give you the best results. If you like a little brown on your patty, by all means, finish it off in a pan!

Our favorite way to eat these patties are for breakfast. Throw one on an English muffin and top it with a fried egg, or serve it alongside eggs and pancakes / waffles / French toast. The sweetness of the maple definitely comes through on the sausage, but it's nicely balanced by the sage and the smoky, salty bacon, making it very delicious and very easy to pair with other breakfast foods.


Available at Throwback Brewery!