Smoked Kielbasa

Smoked Kielbasa


Our smoked kielbasa is a fan favorite at Throwback Brewery! That could be due to its wonderfully smokey flavor, the extra special oomph from the fresh cracked black pepper, its snappy texture, or all three! 


Since our Smoked Kielbasa is packaged fully cooked, it makes for a very easy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Eat it cold or hot - either way it is delicious!


Some of favorite ways to eat this kielbasa include:

- Lightly grilled and served alongside pierogies (pan fried in butter, of course)!

- In a homemade lentil soup

- Cold as part of a charcuterie slate

- Sliced as the star of a simple sandwich with dijon mustard and sharp cheddar cheese

- As the meat in your favorite frittata recipe 

- Wrapped up in croissant dough to make sausage rolls

- Served alongside fried eggs and french toast / pancakes for breakfast


Available at Throwback Brewery!